Sap Mappers - Featured Project

The Gateway Farm, Bristol, VT

Owners: Trent & Abby Roleau

Taps (2018): ~11,500+

Acres: 260

Sap Mappers Services & Products Produced:

  • Conductor, Mainline, Trail Plotting
  • Mainline & Conductor Labeling
  • Handheld Paper Maps
  • Digital Maps
  • Wall Map

Trent Roleau is an incredibly friendly and outgoing guy. He grew up in Bristol, Vermont and seemingly knows everybody in town. While I was working for him he took me out to Cubbers, the village lunch spot. Walking in with him was like walking into Cheers with Norm. So needless to say Trent gets a lot of help from friends and family in his sugarbush just north of town. With numerous people helping at any given time things can become a bit chaotic. People tapping the wrong lines, walking the same lines twice when leak checking, missing lines while pulling spouts or just downright getting lost were all issues he was looking to fix or avoid. So when I showed how all these headaches could be prevented by a well labeled sugarwoods and professionally produced maps, Trent immediately saw the benefit. In about 3 days his newly established woods were tracked, labeled, and mapped.

Be sure to stop in at Trent and Abby's when you see the steam rolling, or check out their great syrup and other products at their site - The Gateway Farm