The Money Is Made In The Woods

Managing a complex system of tubing throughout a vast sugarwoods is a formidable task. Add a Sap Mappers Sugarwoods Map to your tool kit and take control of your woods management.

Why Map

Like winning a battle, leading an army on a long march required good generalship and reliable tools. Accurate maps were crucial to getting men to the right place at the right time along different roads and across unfamiliar ground.
-from display on Civil War era maps at Gettysburg National Monument

A dependable map and well labeled tubing network are essential tools to help you and your crew navigate in the woods. From efficient leak checking, to locating damaged lines in need of repair to identifying missed areas; all this and more can be achieved more effectively with the help of a professionally produced sugarwoods map.

Don't take our word for it

Sugarmakers large and small have found the value in having their woods labeled and mapped.

The Gateway Farm

Trent and Abby Roleau of The Gateway Farm in Bristol, VT

Located on the steep slopes in the valley just north of town lies the sugarwoods of the Gateway Farm. In 2017 Trent and Abby took the leap to expand their sugarwoods from a little over 3,000 taps to upwards of 11,500 (and more to be added in the coming years). This required bringing in outside help and with it the need for a mapped system to assist with effectively managing the woods. Sap Mappers labeled the woods and produced maps for Trent and Abby in the spring of 2018.